About us

Dynamo is an employment recruitment network 100% dedicated to the sports and recreation sector!

Being accessible, simple and safe, Dynamo offers an effective and convenient solution to quickly fill your job positions.

Dynamo is the result of over 20 years of experience in sports practice, management and recruitment in the sports and recreation sector. Whether it be soccer, hockey, football, gym and yoga coaches alike, lifeguards or seasonal hosts in holiday resorts, or even attendants or management staff... all of these various resources can often vary, with their trades requiring specific qualities and/or qualifications with yearly or seasonal commitments.

Dynamo was designed – with both managers and candidates in mind – as a meeting point and sharing vessel geared toward the sports and recreation sector while providing dynamic postings and job alerts to quickly reach out to candidates by fields of interest. Dynamo also offers information on training workshops, partnerships and sports associations in order to better serve the needs of our candidates and managers.



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